Are You Seeking a REAL Female Led Relationship or a Fantasy?

Most of this audience are submissive men who are looking for a woman to control and abuse them. Conversely, the women in our audience are spirited, strong and opinionated women with clear visions for their lives who desire a man who will support their vision, listen to them and appreciate the love they have to offer in return. Although there are exceptions, the majority of women in our audience (and in our FLR Matchmaking Service) want a Loving Female Led Relationship without kink, control or abuse.

If you are a man who is seeking a relationship so that you can be controlled or abused you will have to find a woman and pay her to do it. Truly Powerful Women do not have the desire to cater to your need for abuse. Truly Powerful Women have a distinct vision for their lives and are working passionately to achieve it. Their energy is focused on expending their greatness into the world and they will not allow anyone to redirect their focus in a way that is not beneficial to them. As a man, you should not allow it either.

As a man it is your duty to please, protect and promote women. Does your desire for a Loving FLR incorporate these objectives? How does it please a woman to spend her days abusing you and controlling you? How do you protect a woman by demanding that she deliver your kinky desires? How does the delivery of your kinks aid in the improvement of her life in any way? Why do you pretend that you want a woman to cherish when you really want a woman to be the tool for your kinks?

If you are wondering why you can’t find a woman to create a Loving FLR with then you must consider these points.

  • Are you seeking a Loving FLR for your pleasure or hers?
  • Are you trying to live out a specific fantasy created in your mind or are you open to supporting the vision that she has for her life?
  • Is your desire for a Loving FLR rooted in a woman delivering your dream or are you ready to empower a woman who knows what she wants and won’t settle for less?
  • Do you really want a woman who is wise enough to know what is best for you or are you looking for a woman to agree with your vision?
  • Are you pretending to want a Loving FLR when you really want the focus of your relationship to be on your kinky desires?

A Loving Female Led Relationship is an adventure that a Gentleman agrees to participate in as he supports the leadership of the woman he loves. He has no clue where her wisdom and vision will take him but he supports it 100% because he trusts her and he is truly inspired by a woman who has shaped her life on her own terms.

He is not looking to create a specific fantasy from his imagination. He is intrigued by the idea of supporting her fantasy, whatever that may be. He is curious about where she will take him and aroused by the idea of the journey she will lay out for him. He wants her to shine. He wants her to feel powerful. He wants to melt into the arms of a Powerful Woman as he ensures her power grows with his support.

THIS is how a man interacts with a Powerful Woman. He does not demand that she abuse him or service his kinks. You will have to find a submissive woman and train her to abuse you if you want the focus to be on you and your kinks. You will know that she is submissive when she agrees with everything you say and never asks for anything outside of the suggestions you make for her. She dominates you to please you and she is faking it but you don’t care because your fantasy of having your kinks provided is your priority. You don’t really want a Powerful Woman because a Powerful Woman could tell you NO she’s not interested in your kinks or anything else she finds to be irrelevant and you would never be able to accept that. Only a submissive woman accepts the whip you give her, wears the leather you buy for her, agrees to play out your fantasy night after night even when they do not cause her any satisfaction.

There are many women who will never know what they want for themselves. Many more will know what they want but never have the courage to express it to the man who loves them. These are NOT the women in our Loving FLR Community. The women in our Loving FLR Community and our FLR Matchmaking Service are not afraid to express what they want and don’t want. They are successful, happy women who would love to share their lives with a man who appreciates their leadership.

Your FLR fantasy in your mind will only be experienced INSIDE your mind. When you want a REAL relationship with a REAL Powerful woman, it will not be anything like your fantasy because women were not created to deliver your fantasy.

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