8 Responses to “The Basic Ingredient For a Female Led Relationship

  • I love it! Sounds fantastic!

  • Very interesting. My wife and I are in an FLR by nature for our entire 30 year marriage and didn’t even realize it until recently. My life’s goal is to honor and support her choices. Sometimes I take the lead in certain situations and sometimes she does but it all comes back to supporting her and doing everything I can to set her up for success. On the flip side, I know that she honors and supports my choices so that in the end our relationship is much stronger. Thank you for setting up such an interesting website with important real life information!

  • I am about to enter a FLR and would appreciate any advice in order for it to be what my lady wants.

  • This is what I,ve been looking for

  • Very well put, very illuminating and inciteful.

  • It was almost there except for point
    * If she wants to try a new idea during your intimate moments, as a man you should honor that.
    I disagree with this point because if ad a man I am not comfortable (or a downright deal breaker) I need to say NO to the request and she should honor my decision. In any relationship if one is uncomfortable with an intimate suggestion then it is NO because consent is not given. Nagging or begging is not to be tolerated by either.

    • I totally agree that consent by both people are needed before trying any new things during intimate moments. I feel like that was missing on that bullet item in the article.

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