2 Responses to “Only Wise Women Can Lead FLRs

  • How do I find women who enjoy FLR?

  • I hate to dismiss this article but I will. Clearly FLR’s are about Female Empowerment within a relationship. this may well have consequences in the greater world though her growing confidence, her realisation that she can, rather than the wonder of can she?
    The writer is clearly a Feminist, nothing wrong with that, except she writes her articles from a one dimensional perspective. Fact, not all women are holders of all 6 must have characteristics to be in a FLR.
    Yes of course they can be enhanced or developed through having an FLR, but they are not necessary to begin one. A great many FLR’s are begun at the request of her male partner. A great many are initially to spice up a stale or troubled relationship sexually. Some are the only way a relationship can survive. FLR’s take only two things, a man who is willing to hand himself over a woman he trusts and a woman who is willing to accept his submission to her. A woman who demands his submission is called a dominatrix. Not entirely the same concept.
    My partner & I are fledglings in the lifestyle. She is the first woman I have ever truly loved enough to expose my deepest desire for an FLR to. At first her reaction was as I guess many women’s would be. Whilst she is intelligent and capable with a strong will of her own, she by her own admission would tell you she struggled at first to see herself leading our relationship this way. She also questioned whether she wanted an FLR or indeed a man who wanted to be in an FLR!
    Her first impression was as is many peoples, that the FEMDOM aspects were to be BDSM based entirely.
    Let’s understand something else, it takes a strong man to deliver himself to his beloved in a FLR lifestyle. Her acceptance will change them both for the better. They will both become more fulfilled as individuals and stronger as a couple. Let’s not dismiss the idea that many women prefer to be in a MLR. Some women cannot respect a man unless his Alpha nature controls her.
    My point is that NO woman should have to feel she cannot have an FLR just because she is made to feel inadequate by some bloggers list of what she believes it takes to be up to the job.

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