2 Responses to “Bill Cosby’s Criminal Mistrial Represents The Lack of Respect For Women

  • Erika, I do not believe that the mistrial “…represents the lack of respect for women…” Our present system requires the prosecution to show guilt “BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.” There was simply not enough evidence and there was conflicting statements by the defendant. Keep in mind that this trial was only about her experience. I am willing to bet that it did in fact happen and I feel for her too, but we can not convict someone without proper evidence, even if we are 100% sure that it is true. We have convicted and executed many innocent men in the past and I can not imagine what was going through their heads when they were led to their executions.

    There have been female predators who never really served anytime for raping kids. When a man rapes a woman or girl it’s called “rape.” When a woman rapes her male students it’s called, “a sexual relationship with a minor.” There is not much justice for young males and female predators.

    When you look at rape statistics that do not reflect rapes in prisons. If we counted those rapes we would have more male rape victims than women. Why do we not count them? Because we blame the male victims because that put themselves in that position by committing other crimes. Women also have no sympathy for male rape victims. Why? Because women want a monopoly on being the victim.

    Look at domestic violence. When you see the number of female victims of domestic violence they are missing something: Who was the perpetrator? Females beat each other up all the time. Let’s look at all the possible combinations:
    1) Mom on daughter
    2) Daughter on mom
    3) Granddaughter on grandmother
    4) Grandmother on granddaughter
    5) female lover on female lover
    6) female roommate on female roommate
    7) female neighbor on female neighbor
    8) female friend on female friend

    Women abuse men too, but no one seems to care. I am divorced and my exwife was physically abusive 4 times and yet the courts gave her primary residence for our child. Male victims of domestic violence are not respected. Why? Because women want a monopoly on being the victim.

    Look at how many women commit child abuse. Look at how many women give birth to babies addicted to opiates, alcohol, nicotine, cocaine,…etc. Look at how many women have abortions, give babies up for adoption, or just leave them at a church or elsewhere. This may be their right to do so but conceiving a child and then deciding they didn’t want it is irresponsible and shows a lack of self control. I am not dismissing dad’s part at all but women are responsible for their body so that requires responsibility. Men do not get the options to throw away kids like women do. They sometimes walk away from their responsibility but nobody has a problem with condemning them.

    I know that I have gotten off track a little but my purpose was to illustrate that their is not a lack of respect for women. Women themselves have shown a lack of respect for men and children.

    Back to Cosby:
    I know these women were afraid to come forward and they had good reason to be, but if the first 2 or 3 had come forward immediately it may at least given him a scare and slow him down. Instead they all stayed quiet and enabled him to continue unchecked. Fear is something that we all live with and I want to review women’s history for a moment:

    Harriet Tubman- I can not imagine the fear that ran through her mind when she ran away to freedom. I have even a harder time imagining her courage to comeback and help others. What if she had been too afraid to do that?

    Helen Keller-I can not imagine the fear that ran through her head when she had to wake up to a world that she could not see, hear, nor communicate with. I also have even a harder time comprehending the courage it took to face these challenges and to go on to teach others.

    There are other women too, Erika, who chose to face their fears and do what they had to do instead of using the excuse, “I was afraid….” We are all afraid that’s is part of life.

    My last point is simple:
    Bill Cosby has already lived longer than the average male. How many more years does he have? We do not know but we do know that it is not many. These women came forward wanting “justice.” If he was convicted of every rape and was given 10 years for each rape that would mean over 100 years in prison. He would likely only spend 10 in prison. How is that justice? I do not understand why, if these women wanted “justice” why they waited until he was almost dead anyway. The only possible “justice” would be money. They wanted restitution, financial restitution.

    Anyway, regardless of fear we all owe to ourselves and others to come forward to stop these people and not enable them to continue. Remember the words of Martin Luther King Jr.:

    ” History will have to record that the greatest tradedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people but the appalling silence of the good people.”

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