One Response to “I’m Afraid to Ask My Wife for a Loving FLR

  • This is excellent advice that Te-Erika has provided. Both the letter and the idea of simply beginning to ask your wife what she wants is in my opinion the best way to start.

    I have been in an FLR with my wife for many years now but honestly I never formerly went to her and told her of my desire for her to lead our household. Rather, I simply began doing things for her and also asked her if there was any housework I could do for her to give her time to relax or do something else she enjoys more.

    I soon learned that she really did not like cleaning the house. As I proved to her I could clean, follow her instructions, and I presented to her an eagerness to please her, over time she has become very willing to lead our household.

    Her confidence and our roles continue to grow in our FLR. I am very blessed to be able to serve her and pamper her every day.

    So, start by simply asking what she wants done and do it enthusiastically.

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