5 Responses to “The Average Man’s Reaction to Female Led Relationships

  • I have no clue how to find such a woman.

  • Hi Te-Erika

    Good piece!

    As someone with both an academic and professional background I found it an eye-opener.

    I am currently in an FLR with my gf Mudiwa. Funny how you found that men go into defensive mode and/or try to maintain a status quo (them leading) that is 9 out of 10 times sub-optimal.

    In my daily life I lead (CEO of a little investment company with a staff of 12). And although I am not too bad at leading, this is definitely not my ‘distinguishing skill’.

    In private it was therefore clear to us that Mudiwa is the better ‘CEO of the relationship’.

    And we are happy with it.

    But as you said: too often men assume that it hurts their masculinity to not lead in a relationship.

    Compare it to a firm with the wrong management and board of director structure. Even when shareholders have established a great company,this might hurt the end results.

    I confess that it took me ages to look at my private life and relationship in this way. But it is good to see that there are people like you and Mudiwa who are patient enough to explain things time and again.

    Good piece! Thank you, Erik (also on behalf of Mudiwa)

  • You said the KEY to how I feel also, and I stay single most all my life because of it. It’s to ‘feel free’ and safe. I want the same thing. I also run into this…” I have had many men ask me to be with them but I say NO because their relationships come with rules and I can’t bring myself to agree to those damn rules.” It’s such the truth!!

  • Both people in a relationship should concern themselves with each others happiness, welfare and growth. FLR, seems like a magnet for Cluster B women, and men with masochist mental issues. It is not female led, it is female dominated.

    The whole things comes across as shameless hypocrisy.

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