2 Responses to “My First Visit With a Professional Domme

  • With all due respect I must say that you understood the difference between the “Alpha Woman” in a society saturated with sex and pornography addiction versus the Alpha Woman what every Gentleman rightly deserves. In my own language the Strong Woman is she who knows her aim and goals, loves what she does and is never stopping on the way to achieve it. A strong woman knows that her ethics and behavior influence everyone around her someway or the other. She knows that her success lies in enjoying her life to the fullest and she pays no heed to the toxic masculine theory of “Alpha Woman” that Hollywood and the porn industries wants us to believe. Hollywood in particular has a bad habit of showing strong women as either an old power hungry individual lusting for money and fame or a Dominatrix who lives a BDSM life. I wish those people in Los Angeles really knew what it really means by an Alpha Woman.

  • Thank you for sharing your disheartening experience. Surely there must be professional Dommes who have chosen this avocation because they enjoy what they do?! I sure hope that to be true and if not, I wonder why?

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