3 Responses to “The Last Sexual Message

  • I’m so sorry you received these emails from that person, he clearly does not get it. Thank-you for creating this blog, i have only just discovered it and look forward to learning more about FLR, and what i can do to be a better man.

  • Oh boy, in Communications design, we would say your message is not being picked up by the intended audience.

    Reading through the various comments, you seem to be attracting people who want to a) dominate men, or b) be dominated sexually and otherwise)by women. You really want to attract modern men who want to relate to women lovingly and respectfully especially in the age of #metoo. And modern women who want loving respectful men as life partners.

    It is funny, because I live in Europe, and the married men I know, from my father-in-law down to my friends and neighbours ALL see marriage as doing what their wife wants – making their wives happy. They joke that they are hen-pecked, but bask in how their wives dote on them in return. This is the norm where I live.
    Don’t feel discouraged, just recoup and maybe it will come to you how you can tweak your message to reach the audiences you feel need to hear this message.
    PS – I posted a link in a private Facebook page for BW who are Levelling up.

  • Erika,
    you did the right thing. This is your site. He may have made a mistake but he should have immediately apologized instead of questioning you. This also is a FLR site which enhances the fact not to question a woman.

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