Every Man Who Wants a FLR Should Ask Himself 3 Questions

After more than 4 years as a FLR Coach I see the same issues come up with men who present themselves for coaching and I thought I would give you a heads up so that you can tackle these issues before they get out of hand.

Whether you are single or married, in a FLR or not, these are 3 questions every man should ask himself so that he can be a better man for a Powerful Woman.

Do I want a FLR for ME or for HER?

Some men yearn for a FLR for so long that when they finally meet a woman who is willing to express her opinions or follow along with his idea of leading, he forgets that it isn’t about what HE wants and he tries to get her to act out his fantasy. 

Would I still love her if she never allowed any of my kinks/rewards?

All women show appreciation for their partner’s by offering the things he loves and that may include some kinks. But what if she hates your kinks? What if she grows tired of playing out your fantasies? Would you grow tired of her or will you stay and love her anyway?

Besides offering service, which may be my biggest kink, am I capable of being an asset to a woman’s life? 

If the woman you love restricted you from physically being with her and you could not serve her, pamper her or attend to her, which is a major fantasy of men who want a FLR, how would you be able to enrich her life? 

Guys- Answer these questions in the comments below.

I ask these questions to get men to understand that truly being of service to a woman is about selflessness. Enlarging HER vision isn’t about her acting out YOUR vision. I would say that the majority of men who read this platform are into this lifestyle because serving women is a kink for them, it arouses them. In fact, the majority of men report being aroused by the idea of establishing a FLR. That’s cool and all, but I am the one who has to talk to the women you place all of these unrealistic expectations onto and they are hurting because of them.

Instead of trying to get her to be your domme and be more demanding or putting her through hell so that she will be more forceful with you, try being her peace, try being her dream come true, try giving her more orgasms than she could ever handle. Please take the time to care for the woman who has offered to stand beside you in life. 

Being HER fantasy should be your kink instead of trying to make her act our YOUR fantasy. You’re hurting her when you do that.

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2 Responses to “Every Man Who Wants a FLR Should Ask Himself 3 Questions

  • Romantic love occurs when one person has the desire to sacrifice what they want in order to please their beloved. This is more than a kink, it’s romantic love. A type of love that emerged around the twelfth century when it was called courtly love.

    When this feeling operates in only one direction, that is because only one person is in love with the other. To make this process work like magic, both people need to love each other.

    Unfortunately, in our modern society people are very individualized and finding someone who you love and who loves you back is more difficult than ever. Hopefully, by following our inner guidance that emerges from our hearts we will find our beloveds and naturally desire to please one another.

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