I Refuse to Coddle Men

Someone recently wrote to me to call me a bitch and proclaim that I hate men. I thought about it for a second because you never know, sometimes my actions could have hidden meanings that I don’t even understand. What I came to realize after taking the time to consider it is the fact that I AM a BITCH, most of the time to men and that’s because of the type of men who present themselves to me.

I don’t hate men. I hate mediocrity.

I hate interacting with men who make excuses. I hate interacting with men who need their hand held through life. I hate interacting with men who don’t understand my instructions the first time I say them. I hate interacting with men who are lazy. I hate interacting with men who offer minimal effort and hope you won’t say anything about it. I hate interacting with men who need a woman to motivate them to achieve their goals. I hate interacting with men who are unable to be an asset to a woman’s life. I hate interacting with men who are so insecure that they lash out at women aggressively as though they need to dominate them. I hate interacting with men who try to make you feel sorry for them so you will lower your standards.

I don’t hate men. I hate mediocrity.

When I encounter men like this I have a short fuse with them. When I encounter men like this, they hate me back because I point out their flaws.

I am certain that there are women out there who will take the time to nurture and coddle a man who needs a woman’s help through life but I am not one of them. I have too much going on to focus on preparing a man to stand up on his own two feet in life. Running behind him to make sure he brushes his teeth and zips up his pants. A man like this is a distraction for a truly Powerful Woman. 

A truly Powerful Woman needs a man who is as smart as she is. She won’t want a man who has to seek her guidance and instruction for everything he does or thinks about. She’s already making decisions for her family and likely a large group of other people as a leader and a man who needs a leader is not going to be welcome in her life.

I don’t care what you think of me. If you come to me with foolishness I will curse your ass out and tell you why you are lacking as a man. I have to. It is my duty to correct you or dismiss you from my life. Correction is love. And I won’t have you as a part of my movement if you are incapable of being a true asset to a woman’s life.

When I meet a man of excellence, who does what he says he will do, and is capable of saying YES and following through I will give him the honor and credit he deserves. I am not above exalting a man for being awesome, in fact, I enjoy it. But I am not a woman who honors a man just because he’s a man. In fact, I hold men to higher standards than I do women because a man is supposed to help enrich a woman’s life and he can’t do that if he is needy and slow to catch on. These men are like children. I won’t settle for that in my life in any capacity. Maybe I will be single forever. I would rather be single than constantly irritated.

Call me a bitch if you want to. I know for a fact that I love to honor men for being amazing when they deserve it. I can be a ‘cater to you’ type of woman if necessary but if I show you my bitch side, it’s because you deserve it.

Sooo…Do you want to find out if you are mediocre or a man of EXCELLENCE?  I will let you know for sure!

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3 Responses to “I Refuse to Coddle Men

  • The way you present yourself I wonder if I would be able to please you. I’m honest, 195 IQ, masters of mechanical engineering from MIT, worked as a software engineer years ago, more recently a builder, designer, handyman, chef, author. My hobbies have included being a world class yacht racer, judo master, snow skiing wild man, love hiking, talented tantric lover, fix my own automobile, do landscaping and gardening, but my passion is pleasing a woman who knows what she wants.

    I love animals and choose to abstain from killing them or paying other people to kill them for me to eat them. I haven’t eaten flesh since March of 1987 and I will not participate in or support an industry that slaters 100,000 animals per minute for Americans.I will work hard to please a woman but not one who eats meat. If you’re a vegetarian I could be what your looking for. I am kinda old for you but you might need a mature man with lots of skills and confidence in getting things done well.

  • Very good reason. You would have some choice words for me but I would appreciate it.

  • As someone who has worked for Ms.Patterson, I can personally vouch for what she says here. She is demanding, and can be severe, but always with good reason and a valid purpose, in my experience. I learned an immense amount from her, and her corrections made me better.
    I encourage men to work with her if you have truly useful skills, the time to devote to the effort, and are strong enough for the challenge.

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