Fetish Play Alone Cannot Set The Foundation for a Relationship

I have always admired strong, intelligent women who demonstrate their given inner powers. A combination of those traits long ago grew in me a strong sexual fascination for such women, and an inner desire to be led by and to serve such a woman, a social and cultural taboo. This led me to become acquainted with the bdsm & fem-dom lifestyles, and a few related websites. I do admit that even today I still enjoy seeing some of those images from time to time.

But, I’ve always realized that fetish play alone cannot establish a solid foundation for a long term relationship. I still do not know if my desire for a FLR is a mere fantasy but I would like to find out. I am now divorced and single, and it is fantasy lifestyle that I wish to seriously explore and experience with the right woman to see if it fits and works for me and my mate. I am an intelligent, educated and fairly successful professional male, and I seek the same traits in a woman.

About a year ago I found the Loving FLR website and have enjoyed reading its articles and its underlying approach and philosophy. Frustrated with general dating, I saw that it recently started offering a FLR Dating Roster option that includes four instructional video lessons. I joined right away so that I can be a part of the pool of candidates that are selected to meet others interested in FLRS.

The sign-up process was easy, and the video lessons were very insightful and enjoyable. My favorite parts of the video lessons were those that discussed the different kinds of female authority styles, exploring men’s motivations for wanting a FLR, and the kinds of reward systems a couple might choose to employ in their relationship to help make it work.

With a pool of women in the pond that are likewise oriented, I am very excited to see how being a part of the FLR Dating Roster works out!

Signed, J

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