I Lost Her Because I Wanted Her to Focus On Me

With the right Gentleman by her side a Powerful Woman can expand her power exponentially because he will add his power to hers. A Powerful Woman is attracted to power in a man, not meekness or neediness. A Gentleman is the type of man she needs because he does not need her to lead him which frees her to focus on her own goals. When a man insists that a woman focus on tending to his need to be nurtured or led by the hand through life, she becomes his servant. A Powerful Woman does not need to be a man’s servant, she benefits from partnering with a man who allows her the freedom to offer her gifts to the world.

John Loses Out On Love

I had a girlfriend in high school who was incredibly smart and driven, and it was clear that her classes – and later her scientific research – were of utmost importance. At the time, I was not the man that I am now. I mean, I did kind of worship her, in a way – she was always a superior being in general, and already a huge boon to the human race – but I broke up with her largely because I felt neglected and because I thought we just weren’t a lifelong match. She did not prioritize our relationship at all – I was at the bottom of a ladder of priorities she had – whereas, for me, I devoted myself almost entirely to her and to our relationship – until I broke it off completely. I couldn’t do anything halfway at the time – I was either all in our out.

Now, as a grown adult, she continues her scientific research, continuing to discover entirely new things about the universe as we know it and contributing to the human knowledge pool. She volunteers and is down-to-earth and is basically loved by all she touches. She is healthy and one of the wisest and most intelligent people I have ever met. This woman – this kind of woman – was not neglecting me at all. Instead she did what she needed to do with her life which was focus on being brilliant in the world, yet, I wanted her to focus on me.

I would love to serve her, no longer needing the attention I wanted before, and not needing training from her. I already know she is above me – she needn’t reinforce it any way. I would gladly do her chores, work to help pay for things like housing and healthcare, and do whatever else to free up her time. Why? Because the more free time she has, the more she will contribute to the world by her mere presence and work in it. And the happier and more content she is, the more and better she can further grace the world with everything she is.

This is a true story that was included in The Enlightened SubmissiveREAD THE BOOK or ACCESS THE STUDY GUIDE.

What is your focus in your Loving FLR? Are you trying to center all of her attention on YOU and YOUR needs or are you allowing her to be all that she can be on her own terms? Leave a comment and let me know!

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