4 Responses to “He Never Says No To Me

  • From the title I was not sure about it but reading it I found this story so beautiful! That is why for FLR men is so important to choose the right woman, because we will then devote a lot of our energies to make her happy.

  • My relationship with my wife is similar in a number of ways you describe. The story is beautiful and never saying no to my wife is similar at our home. The main reason is I absolutely love to make her happy. Seeing her smile from my foot massages or from her getting the decision or outcome she wants, is something I cherish.

  • I wish I could believe anyone could just never say no, but being his own man, I’m sure he dissagree’s at times. Maybe you don’ t really know why he never says no? what is holding his tongue?

    • You know what I think it may be? Some things a woman asks for, may not be that serious to him. Maybe all she wants are date nights on Fridays and shopping money and to watch her favorite shows. I don’t understand why a man would need to say No to a woman unless she was not smart, frivolous and evil. I don’t think this woman is. She seems like she truly adores him. Why would he withhold a chance to make her smile?

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