One Response to “Listen To Episode 1 of Our Loving FLR Interview Series

  • 1 yr anniversary that he remembered, she didn’t? Doesn’t sound much different from ?MLR?…

    again, society blamed for totally ignoring female authority, he learns to submit from his wife’s 1 yr of domination becoming natural, normal, and wanted. where to go from there?

    —–2:30 dave————————

    spent a week test driving you? kick your tires,

    ——–4 minutes in —

    common theme was where she was directing the relationship

    did some research? online i’m guessing.. finding what she’s looking for.. dominant woman definitions.. ok, not quite what she wants.. whip cracking not her idea.

    loving FLR.. now i know who I am at the core in a relationship that works..


    communication and acceptance is something we all are looking for.. I am glad these 3 (probably 4rth too) are heading in the right direction

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