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  • Very happy for both you and your husband. It is nice to read about couples similar to my wife and I who also enjoy a FLR. I only wish you did not have to keep it to yourself and could be more open in your town.

    Over time, hopefully FLRs will become more common and accepted. I really think marriages flourish more when the wife leads the household. All the best as you continue to grow in your roles.

  • It is the question of who makes the decisions what matters, isn’t it? I would also do everyíthing for my partner but, unfortunately, I’m not very good at the guy things. So of course I do the cleaning and dishwashing and she does the cooking; this is best for both of us. However, when she is not at home (for example away on a business trip)I would make my own food. Bachelor type food. 🙂
    (Footnote: This was long ago. She did not find me manly enough, so she divorced me. What can I do? I cannot alter myself, so I’m alone and try to enjoy it.)

  • We also live in south Louisiana (Lafayette area) and I would agree that many wouldn’t understand the complexity of this type of lifestyle that my wife and I have.

  • luv to see the contract?

  • I say you and Eric share something powerfully wonderful. Ericka and I are on a path to a similar dynamic. Ericka is very alpha, similar to how you describe yourself, she hates cooking and all that type stuff. She enjoys being in charge, I do not. So of course I do all of the shopping, cooking, etc and we both expect that I will be the primary parent to rear our children. Honestly, I fantasize about the idea because Ericka feels an trusts I would better suited to be the primary parent. I have a professional career, self employed so I can do whatever, thankfully. Ericka is still in school to become the primary financial provider for us. I am super grateful, extremely supportive and very enthusiastic about her goals. From the admiration you so generously give your husband Eric, it feels genuine and comes across as respectful. I take it that neither one of you degrade the other, which is destructive to the healthy relationship you are growing. Conversations Ericka and I have had about flr, Ericka and I have chosen to NOT try to fit our relationship into some sort of label, her idea not mine. Actually, initially I was the 1 trying to fit our relationship into a enclosed box like flr. Yes our relationship most closely resembles a flr in some aspects. However, Ericka and I respect each other and we are both very in love with each other. Yes our gender roles are somewhat blurred according to the vanilla traditional values. Sexually, Ericka is the primary aggressor, penetrator, very rarely she allows me to penetrate her, always her on top that is how we both feel most comfortable, confident and connected. She is opinionated, she enjoys the spotlight, she enjoys leading. I love and support her will, do what she ask of me, when she wants, on her terms…not mine. I put her needs ahead of my own and I want to do that for my love. She enjoys giving to me in “her” ways on her time. Once we discovered her alpha nature and I adjusted to her dominant nature, our relationship has been blissful. She is now a very generous lover, awesome communicator, a more confident, capable leader, she has really taken some ownership of our relationship, she makes me so very happy. You mentioned the bible about a subservient wife. I will attempt to help you with that…proverbs 31:27-28. There are many examples in the bible to support equality in our intimate relationships. Jesus washed feet and said serve 1 another as I have served you. We all have different wants and needs. If you an Eric have the joy of serving each other in your own special ways then where could that be bad for your unique relationship? As long as you have a loving relationship then Proverbs 31:12 Galatians 5:13-18 an 5:22-23 applies. My point is your relationship is your own, love and nurture it with your own heart/instincts, there are other couples out here that don’t fit in a single check box and seek Godly counsel. Walk not in the counsel of the ungodly.

  • It sound like you two have a loving and healthy relationship. Best of luck to you both!

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