3 Responses to “My Husband Takes Care of Everything

  • Very happy for both you and your husband. It is nice to read about couples similar to my wife and I who also enjoy a FLR. I only wish you did not have to keep it to yourself and could be more open in your town.

    Over time, hopefully FLRs will become more common and accepted. I really think marriages flourish more when the wife leads the household. All the best as you continue to grow in your roles.

  • It is the question of who makes the decisions what matters, isn’t it? I would also do everyíthing for my partner but, unfortunately, I’m not very good at the guy things. So of course I do the cleaning and dishwashing and she does the cooking; this is best for both of us. However, when she is not at home (for example away on a business trip)I would make my own food. Bachelor type food. 🙂
    (Footnote: This was long ago. She did not find me manly enough, so she divorced me. What can I do? I cannot alter myself, so I’m alone and try to enjoy it.)

  • We also live in south Louisiana (Lafayette area) and I would agree that many wouldn’t understand the complexity of this type of lifestyle that my wife and I have.

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