5 Responses to “Is It Ever Okay To Insult a Woman?

  • The driver was ridiculous for making such a big deal out of nothing, and he should not have been so rude to those women. I was cringing especially for the woman that was with him in the car; what does she see in such a man? Has she no self worth, to be with a man who would verbally abuse other women like that? The whole thing interaction never should have happened.

  • No, it is never ok to argue with any woman. How horrible for those other women to actually be forced to witness this male’s conduct which is despicable. Granted, the woman standing in the parking space is upset and becomes just another angry person displaying bad decisions and she certainly would not be elected for the woman of the year. When this male began to show his ugly side with his language and anger he automatically displays to everyone nearby what an ass he is. I can only suppose that this display of an angry ugly male is really the way he always acts when he fails to get his way. Yes, he should have been a gentleman and moved on without being such an ass. The woman should not have lowered herself to his level which was a bad decision on her part.

  • They were both wrong and they should both take responsibility.
    Obviously if her Dad was nearby, he should have been there fairly quickly which was never addressed in this post. She should have let the man pull his vehicle in and found another place. If a woman is to be empowered, part of her responsibility is to treat people with respect…this empowers her natural leadership skills and demonstrates her strength.
    The man should have never resorted to insults and derogatory comments. This was disrespectful and indicates his disrespect for other people, especially someone he thought he might be able to bully. It also shows a lack of respect for himself.

  • It is never OK for a man to carry on like this with a Woman. Even if she has no real reason other than selfishness, it’s too trivial for him to carry on like this. What a man ALWAYS has to do if he doesn’t understand, or disagrees with, a Woman’s behavior, is assume she has a good reason, and move on. BTW, she may well have had a VERY good reason, or she probably wouldn’t have put herself at risk with a car, and subjected herself to yet another male version of an impatient jerk. An immature version of myself would have decked the man for his rudeness.

  • I love these posts. Especially the last paragraph. Please do write your opinion on more situations. I really enjoy reading them.

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