4 Responses to “Loving FLR Is Not Just a Relationship Style, It’s a Movement

  • A Female Led Society and Loving Female Led Relationships has to be one of the most important, positive, vital and enlightened and enlightening movements there is. It’s a movement that is empowering for both sexes, one which I can’t see any negatives in, and I believe it’s a movement that will only continue to grow and we will all be better off for that.

  • Wish you the best.

  • Thank you Te-Erika for writing this article and for reaching out and asking us to help. I would be honored to assist you . Your bravery inspires me to do more. I want to help with this movement. I will send you an email shortly and you are always welcome to contact me. I believe in you, your creation, and I believe our society is ready too.
    Simon, thank you. I love your comment. Thank you for sharing.

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