Robert Was Desperate For a FLR

Robert and Santia contacted me because they needed help establishing their Loving Female Led Relationship. Robert desperately wanted a Female Led Relationship but his insistence made Santia a miserable woman. Robert was focused on his kinks alone and Santia could not keep up with his demands. To him, implementing his kinks were the definition of a Female Led Relationship. Santa felt that his kinks, his behavior and his presence made her regret being married to him.

I worked with them during the FLR Coaching By Email Program to offer them an understanding of why his kinks were important to him and how Santia should manage his kinks in a way that would not overwhelm her. I also explained to Santia the true power behind a Loving Female Led Relationship and how she should use it to her advantage.


First of all, let us thank you from the deep of our hearts. This program has literally changed our life and probably you have saved us as a family. Thank you so much for your service and support during this program. We were spending hours and hours every evening during the program, discussing and talking together. It was so deep and intense that we needed a couple of days in order to recapitulate and win some perspective.

We decided on the FLR Coaching By Email Program because we thought it would be easier to follow, taking into account our English knowledge. We needed help because we were really at the edge of breaking up. Before your program we attempted several times to set up a Femdom FLR, MANIPULATED, INDUCED AND CONTROLLED alone by Robert. This obviously brought only tears and pain. 

You helped Robert to solve his many contradictions and to understand what he was doing wrong and also what he really needs in order to be fully satisfied in a relationship. Robert was seeking and pursuing these answers his WHOLE life. Now it all makes much more sense.

You helped Santia to understand that she is the QUEEN. You gave her courage and helped setting up the structures and rules for our loving FLR. She knows now that she deserves the best and will not accept less than that.

We have now, with your help, set up at last a loving female led relationship structure that feels good and healthy for us both. All contradictions and issues are, thanks to you, solved and gone.

You can freely use our story and experiences for whatever it helps you (just please exchange our names if you do so).

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