3 Responses to “DIVORCE COURT’s Judge Lynn Toler Describes Her Amazing Husband

  • This is good, however everyone does not like the term, Female Led, conjures up control, so perhaps Judge would not identify herself as being in one, and perhaps that might be why it gets paired with sexual play, because some men and women do not want to identify as “led”, unless in bedroom with links. Wonder if the notion of it will be embraced more if concept taught yet given a new identity?

    • Yes! That’s my plan. I want to give FLR a new identity away from SEX, BDSM and especially KINK. The idea that the term FEMALE LED RELATIONSHIP is truly rooted in servicing men’s need to be controlled and have their kinks serviced is so disgusting to me! I WANT TO TAKE THIS TERM BACK!

      Can you help?

  • Yes, agree. Seems people can judge or identify FLR with certain behavior and personality types or certain lifestyle actions . Rebranding the term FLR might help but I see each relationship where the man puts his wife or girlfriend first as unique and wonderful.

    I do think the mindset should not be focused on what happens in the bedroom. It’s the every day support that I think makes an FLR.

    I love seeing my wife and Goddess happy and doing what she wants every day.

    I will think about a better term that both men and women will be more comfortable referencing in this lifestyle.

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