I Am a Sexually Dominant Woman

Hi Te-Erika,

I know where you’re coming from with your concern for men abusing women and manipulating them into being dominant. I have the same concerns and feel sad for women who do not feel that they can speak up and say No when a man is being aggressive. Fortunately, I am not one of those women.

I enjoy femdom from time to time. I do not want my entire relationship to be focused on his need to be dominated but sexually I am dominant and I enjoy seeing how far I can go with my partner if he is willing. It is not a requirement and I never want to be required to do it, but I do enjoy sexually dominating my partner. It has nothing to do with me servicing his need to be controlled like you think it is. There are many women like me out here. Don’t forget about us. We matter.


Dear J,

Thank you for writing. I understand. While I don’t like the fact that submissive men require women to engage in femdom I do see how it can be a bit of fun for women. I don’t intend to come off as though I am against anything a woman may choose for herself. I am simply bombarded by men and their requirements and it puzzles me how any woman could meet them and still feel as though she is leading the relationship. Since you are one of the women on the FLR Matchmaking Service roster, I am certain that there are men who will enjoy meeting you.

Guys! You heard her! If you are seeking a woman who enjoys some femdom, but does not want it to overtake the relationship, join the FLR Matchmaking Service and I will introduce you to her and a few others ASAP.


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3 Responses to “I Am a Sexually Dominant Woman

  • Nice-opened my eyes to see the gray; not just the black and white. I mean it’s appealing to see that a woman can speak her mind, mean it and push her gentleman to areas she wants for her satisfaction. At same time he’s obeying her wishes so he gets satisfied also. LovingFLR and FemDom aren’t necessarily incompatible.

  • Good morning Ladies J and Te-Erika.
    Very good testimony Madame J.
    Have a good day.

  • What she says makes sense. I don’t have a need to be controlled. Instead, I would prefer to be the one to meet my lady’s needs. I prefer to think of myself as a gentleman rather than as a submissive.

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