Top 3 Reasons Men Crave Loving Female Led Relationships

Most men crave being involved with a Powerful Woman in a Loving Female Led Relationship and it can happen for many of them if they decide that the woman who presents herself is more important than the fantasy they have in their minds. Yes, the fantasies men hold for Loving FLRs are the very thing that prevent this type of love from them. No one is capable of being a man’s exact fantasy because this is real life. It’s best to ditch the dream girl and step into reality because it can become much sweeter if you let it.

She Always Knows What She Wants For Dinner

It’s a beautiful thing when you ask a woman for her preference and she actually has an answer. Women who engage in Loving FLRs know what they want, most of the time, and aren’t afraid to say it. In fact, they enjoy it when you give them an option because it demonstrates that you want to please them precisely. Men in Loving FLRs appreciate being with a woman who will easily tell them how they want to be loved and pleased.

She Thinks She is Pretty Awesome

Women in Loving FLRs tend to be more aware of their feminine power and magic than average women. Their confidence levels are through the roof most days. These amazing women have no doubt that their lovers are with them because they are great and the best part is, they appreciate having a man in their lives who respects their greatness.

He will never need to stroke her ego because she’s well aware of how amazing she is, but he will remind her anyway because he loves to worship her with words. Men in Loving FLRs take pride in ensuring that the woman they love feels good about herself. The best indication that a woman is in a Loving FLR is how happy she is when she is out in the world. This is a direct reflection of how well he is able to please her and this makes him so proud!

She’s Not Looking for a Leader

Women involved in Loving FLRs are different from average women because they don’t expect nor want a man who will take the lead in decisions or in the progression of their relationship. Men in Loving FLRs can relax knowing there won’t be any guessing games or miscommunication.

If he’s not doing his job of pleasing her well, she will not silently fume about it and throw hints, she will correct him immediately! She won’t sit there in silence angry because she loves him and she wants to tell him but she is waiting for him to say it first. She will tell him how she feels. She isn’t waiting for him to give her ideas about how her life should progress, she has plans of her own and are half way done achieving them. Men in Loving FLRs crave being with a Powerful Woman because they don’t have to manage her life for her. She is woman enough to do it for herself and she is smart enough to allow him to assist.

And he’s so grateful!!!!

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4 Responses to “Top 3 Reasons Men Crave Loving Female Led Relationships

  • Somewhat off topic….

    Thanks for what you do.

    I saw this last night on ‘Youtube’ and some elements seem to be directly…er..borrowed from much of your work.

    I though you might be interested in viewing it.
    here’s a link.

    kind regards,

    John r.

  • Can a man in a loving FLR have professional and vocational goals that he is pursuing? If the relationship is led by the woman, then the man may have to put aside his interests for his woman, if I understand correctly. How does the man in this case pursue his professional/vocational goals and interests while supporting his woman? I’d love to hear what take you have on this.

    • The relationship is centered around the woman’s happiness. Her happiness should include HIS happiness and progress too. If you are with a woman who makes you forget about your desires and focus only on hers, it is the WRONG relationship. This isn’t Dom/sub or Master/slave.

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