2 Responses to “When A Man Needs a Woman To Make Him Become A Better Man

  • In defense of Ms. Halina, try to consider:
    1. She is not looking for any man, but her husband, who has vowed love, fidelity and will not leave him until death. Her search was fidelity to the original word.
    2. She was not a co-alcoholic or co-dependent. She was not a woman in need of a man.
    3. The story is about the power of love, not the choice of husband
    4. Her husband made a great way to sobriety and she was the witness, but she did not do it for him.
    5. Until the end of life, it knew that it was the work of God and His love that it had happened.
    6. She never had depression, and the memory of this deed allowed her to die cheerfully.
    7. She did not raise her love, she did not use it, but she changed the world for the better, where she could.
    7. For me, she is a real woman, a real leader, not a loser

  • She did something kind for another person who happened to be her husband. This article is too cynical and heartless if you think people should forever be looked down upon for past wrongs. Truly benevolent people give liberally because they already have everything they need. Saints don’t measure the worth of a soul by the utility it delivers.

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