3 Responses to “Why Are Women Turned Off By Nice Guys?

  • Wow, this is so true. I’ve learned this the hard way. If you show respect to a woman it actually is a turn off to her. I don’t understand.

  • Wow, this is a powerful statement. I would like to clarify that we talk about guys who are nice not act nice, because this is manipulation. A gentleman who is on time and treats a woman with respect either it is a FLR case or not, is actually a responsible person. If he is respectful is not that he is weak and only a woman who values herself and takes herself seriously can deal with a responsible guy. Movies and all this culture about bad boys is such a toxic culture it will take generations and different catalysts to bring men and women closer again, because many men opt out from the drama-scene. They don’t know today how to behave and many women want to be independent and respected but drama and damsel in distress syndrome, the real man fantasy are so prevailing that have poisoned relationships do deeply that will take very long and a catalyst, like a war, a major crisis or something else to bring the genders in a new way, closer.

  • Personally I don’t even understand why people have to call themselves “nice guys”, as long as you are a decent human being you are already by definition nice.
    I don’t want to sound patronizing but perhaps what these nice guys lack is just confidence and healthy self esteem.

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