3 Responses to “5 Signs You Do Not Have a Loving Female Led Relationship

  • Thank you, I never cared for the idea of inequality nor the associated punishment to keep me straight!

  • Yes, a loving relationship should be based on love and respect. The dominant partner only has priority. (And I don’t care about the traditional male led relationships, they can hardly be loving.

  • I cannot believe some men would put themselves in such a risky situation.All I ever read about on these pathetic sites are women who break the law in punishing their men in illegal ways and there must be so many feminists on these boards who believe they have the right to both rule and ruin male lives.Throwing your life away may seem sexy when you are 20 but,as you both age,you change,well one of you does,the submissive victim is not allowed to so,once a slave always a slave.There are just too many radfems out there nowadays and they are spending their lives slowly eroding any male values in order to make what they think will be a happier world but no female led world has ever been peaceful,anything but peaceful and the number who have depression rises every year.bE VERY CAREFUL FOLKS.

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