One Response to “My Boyfriend Is Too Passive

  • It sounds like he is worried that whatever he does he will ‘lose’ you so, he takes the next best route and does very little. In today’s atmosphere most men are viewed in a very negative way. Abusers, predatory on the one hand while sites like this view us as weak, unnecessary and to be used/abused as docile doormats. Whatever we do we can’t win!

    Also, big surprise, guys do talk and yes they/we do talk about our feelings. We do it quite a lot as well. So, when you’ve recovered from this earth shattering statement why not talk to him?

    No, big no, we don’t talk about feelings like women do. A suggestion; encourage him to talk so choose the right time and place, make sure your cellphone is off as is the TV and radio. Don’t stay mute but please don’t rush to finish his sentences either.

    Romance; I could write a book on how we guys can never, ever, ever win at that. I used to buy my lady flowers every week, I wanted to and could afford to. Never once did she say ‘thank you’ and after a few weeks told me not to buy them so, I stopped. About three weeks or so later she was talking to a female friend (in front of me) telling her that I never bought/buy her flowers.

    As mentioned we can’t win and the increase in anti-men websites is making the situation worse.

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