FOUND: Submissive Man on Tinder

I am on TINDER looking around, sometimes going out and having fun. The other day a profile came across my feed that made me wince. Meet Bill. Bill says he is 45 years old, and he is a submissive man looking for mean girls.

His photo is a stick man with the word LOSER pointing an arrow to him while a crowd of other stick men watch in the background.

His profile reads:

Ever want to explore your dominant side? Have your own personal loser to use and take out your aggressions on? No strings, no pressure message me and I will tell you more. Sph and cuckhold also.

Love to be told what to do.

Is this what you want to be associated with when you describe yourself as a submissive man? It doesn’t matter how much you try to explain it and differentiate yourself this is exactly what people think of when they hear the word submissive and I think the image is well deserved because from my experience being violated and harassed by men who call themselves submissive, they do want to be abused and they will do whatever it takes to provoke it including abuse a woman intentionally.

If you truly are a submissive man who craves abuse and negative energy then respect your desire and connect with the BDSM community to meet others who are eager to provide what you are searching for. The Loving FLR Community is not for men who crave abuse or control. Loving Female Led Relationships operate without kink, abuse or control. Men’s fantasies of being sexually restricted or abused are not encouraged here.

Gentlemen, if you are on the fence about whether or not you are a submissive man and you want help transitioning to Becoming a Gentleman, join the Becoming a Gentleman Coaching Program for guided instruction. Set yourself apart from the sadomasochists who describe themselves as submissive. These men openly describe themselves as losers and they want to be treated as such. That is not who you are.

You are not a submissive man. You are a Gentleman. You are capable of loving without needing pain or restriction to motivate you. You are wise, skilled and eager to please a woman because it makes you feel good to do so, not because you are afraid of her.

Are you a loser like Bill?

Then don’t describe yourself as a submissive man. You are a Gentleman. Distinguish yourself.

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